Finding Free Norco Rehab Centers

Norco is one of the many brand names for hydrocodone, a potentially dangerous medication used to alleviate moderate to severe pain, and acetaminophen. Norco is a semi-synthetic narcotic pain reliever synthesized from poppy derivative codeine, and it works on the opiate receptors in the brain to change the way the body responds to and feels pain. Norco is combined with non-opiate pain reliever acetaminophen because it increases the effect of the Norco.

Many people with chronic pain or sudden breakthrough pain are given prescriptions for Norco because it is tremendously effective. However, when it is not used as recommended by a physician it has the potential to trigger dependence and addiction. You may have experienced this yourself. If you changed your dosage or the frequency with which you took your Norco, you increased your chances of developing a substance abuse disorder. This is also true of users who combine their medication with other drugs or alcohol.

There are, however, users who develop their addiction by using Norco illicitly from the start. They may begin taking medication prescribed to someone else in their home or purchasing it illegally.

Sadly, people who begin abusing Norco often turn to heroin. Norco and other prescription opiates are hard to obtain long-term because they require a prescription. This also means that they can be quite expensive. Heroin is easier to acquire and much less expensive. Plus, it offers the same opiate high you get from prescription narcotics.

If you have a dependence on or an addiction to Norco, you need to end your use of it before you move onto illicit drugs or medicate yourself into an overdose. Even if you escape these two terrible fates, you still will harm your physical and mental health, your occupation, your family, and your friendships. You need to receive help from a professional drug addiction treatment program.

You are probably already aware that this isn’t something you can do on your own, but you are holding off on pursuing rehab because you assume it will be very expensive. In some ways, you are right. There are some very, very expensive rehab facilities. But, there are also free Norco addiction treatment programs available. To learn more about these rehabs and to discover ones that fit your needs, call 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) . You can speak to an expert in free Norco rehab 24/7.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient

One of the first decisions you need to make about free rehab for Norco addiction is whether you want to enter inpatient or outpatient treatment. All rehabs are divided into one of these types or the other.

Patients who admit themselves to inpatient rehab agree to remain at the facility for the entirety of their program. They eat there. They sleep there. They bathe there. And, they participate in all their treatment activities there. Patients who admit themselves to an outpatient rehab, on the other hand, only have to enter the facility for scheduled treatment activities. They eat, sleep, and bathe at home or at the location of their choosing. Some days, they may need to attend treatment all day. On other days, they may only need to be at the facility for an hour or two.

Inpatient care is focused and intensive. Patients who choose this type of treatment are removed from the pressures of their daily life. They aren’t subject to the stresses and responsibilities that trigger their Norco use. This lets them dedicate all their energy to recovery. Because of this inpatient rehab works well for people who could not maintain sobriety without being separated from these environmental cues. Further, an inpatient facility is a drug- and alcohol-free zone, so even when the cravings hit, patients can’t do anything about it.

Outpatient treatment allows patients to focus on other important areas of their lives, like work, school, and family, that require them to fulfill obligations. Often, the barriers to treatment are responsibilities. People who can’t afford to miss work and people who parent alone both face significant obstacles to taking a lengthy break from their lives. Outpatient care removes this barrier by allowing them to do both. In addition, people with incredibly strong support systems may not have access to them in inpatient care. Whereas outpatient rehab allows them to contact these people as needed.

Types of Free Norco Rehab

Norco Rehab

Inpatient programs give you the time and space to focus on recovery.

Most people are familiar with what is known as private rehab. These programs can have hefty price tags. There are, however, free Norco addiction treatment programs that remove that consideration. These programs are not for profit.

Non-profit organizations, like churches and charities, often run addiction treatment facilities. They receive the money needed to cover their overhead from donations and grants, which enables them to provide treatment free of charge or for a greatly reduced price. It is worth noting that many of these rehabs are religiously affiliated, so their treatment regimens often involve spiritual practices, like 12-step meetings and bible readings. Studies show that faith-based rehab can be more effective than secular treatment for people who find comfort in their religion. If you are one of these people, a religiously affiliated rehab may be perfect.

Other free rehabs are run by the state, which receives its funding from local, state, and federal channels. As with non-profit programs, state-run ones can offer services at a greatly reduced rate or free of charge because they don’t need clients to pay their operating expenses. These programs offer the same services you would find in private centers and may actually be using more current methods because state-run rehabs tend to be teaching programs. That means they use the latest research to drive their interventions because staff members who are there to learn need to be up-to-date.

If you are interested in learning more about the types of free rehab for Norco addiction, call 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) . You can speak to a specialist in free rehab and ask questions.

Is Free Norco Rehab Right for Me?

If you have a dependence on of an addiction to Norco, you must stop your substance abuse. If you can’t afford rehab, you must find another way to finance it. It is hard to imagine a person in this situation not thinking free rehab is right for them. If you are questioning this, you may be doing so as a stalling tactic. It’s time to be honest about your situation and make wise decisions about your future.

How Long is Norco Rehab?

The first stage of any rehab is intake, during which you will be given a thorough evaluation. The data gathered will be what is used to make your individual treatment plan. This plan determines how long you should be in rehab. As every person’s evaluation will be different, how long Norco rehab will last also differs.

The most popular treatment length is 28-30 days because that has become the standard and it is what is most commonly covered by insurance companies. But, based on evidence experts agree that treatment of fewer than 90 days is less effective in ceasing drug use and returning to positive functioning. That doesn’t mean that 28 days won’t make a difference. It will. It just may not make as much of one as three months of rehab.

People with long-term or severe addictions often need more time in treatment, as do people with co-occurring conditions. Further, a detox that lasts a considerable time may not leave enough treatment time remaining to achieve great results and patients who take a long time in that initial phase may require a longer stay. There are 60, 90, 120, and 180-day treatment periods.

Where to Get Treatment for Norco Addiction

You have a couple options for free Norco rehab. You can look for a facility near where you live, or you can travel to another part of your state. America has thousands of specialized treatment facilities and that should provide you with choices.

If you decide to travel, you will probably be in inpatient care. The combination of geographical distance and the distance created by inpatient treatment really leaves you able to focus completely on your sobriety and recovery. It’s like going on vacation from your life and all the things that contribute to your Norco use. You get to start over.

In addition, it is much harder for you to quit if you have traveled to rehab. Patients can check themselves out of rehab and many do when they get frustrated. When you just must get a ride home, leaving feels easy. When you have to get on a plane or drive 6 hours to get home, you think twice about taking off.

If you decide to stay close to home, you might be able to get home more easily, but it also means the people who love you can get to you easily, which means they will visit and attend family therapy. You get the support that you need. It also gives you the chance to do outpatient treatment because traveling to and from the facility isn’t a problem.

Signs Norco Rehab Is Necessary

If you are questioning whether or not you need rehab, chances are you do. We tend not to question if we have a problem if there aren’t several signs in our lives indicating we do. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You are plans with friends and family, as well as missing work activities
  • You think about Norco most of your day
  • The idea of being without Norco makes you anxious
  • When you are out of Norco, your top priority is getting more
  • You lie about your Norco use or become defensive when questioned about it
  • You use Norco and participate in dangerous activities, like risky sexual behavior or driving
  • You need more Norco to get the same effect you used to
  • You often use more Norco or use it more frequently than you intended
  • You have tried to limit your use on multiple occasions and failed
  • You keep using even though you know it is wrecking your life

If these sound familiar, Norco rehab is necessary.

Do I Qualify for Free Addiction Treatment in a Rehab Center?

Insurance & Private Pay Options

If you are ineligible for free Norco rehab or you choose to admit yourself to a private rehab instead, you will be responsible for financing your treatment. This is typically done by paying out of pocket, using insurance, or a combination of the two.

If you have insurance through the marketplace or Medicaid, you have coverage for substance abuse treatment because that is required by law. This is not the case for insurance obtained in other ways. Before you commit to a treatment program, you need to:

  • Make sure they accept your insurance
  • Understand exactly what your policy covers
  • Determine whether or not you have a copay or coinsurance deductible to pay before insurance takes over

You are responsible for any fees that are not covered by insurance. Firstly, to limit costs, look for affordable programs that offer scholarships or use a sliding scale to match your charges to your income. You might also consider a bank loan, a personal loan, crowdfunding, selling things, or cashing out savings/retirement. Most rehabs also offer financing, which works the way a credit card does. Many of them even give you a grace period after you complete rehab before you have to begin making payments.

Help Finding a Free Norco Treatment Program

You can ask family and friends, your primary care doctor, or employees at a local hospital detox program for help. Or you can do extensive research online. But, you likely won’t be linked directly to affordable and free Norco rehab this way.

Instead, call 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) and speak to someone who understands rehab and addiction, but also has access to insider information about programs you can afford. It’s the simplest way to get what you need as soon as you need it.

What Happens After Rehab?

When you complete drug addiction treatment, you return to your daily life. But, things won’t be exactly the same. You are going to have to make some sizable changes. You can’t go to the places you used to socialize and get high. You can’t hang out with people who encourage or facilitate drug use. You must learn new ways to have fun without drugs. There is work to be done.

And, you can’t make all those changes successfully if you don’t continue treating your addiction. Yes, rehab will be over, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need counseling or support group meetings. Just as you would with any other disease, you must treat it to be able to manage it.

Get Help Today

You don’t have to do this on your own. There are people waiting to help you. Call 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) and learn about free Norco rehab. You can also be directed to prospective programs that match your needs. Your recovery begins as soon as you make the call. It’s time to recover.

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