Finding Free Methamphetamine Rehab Centers

Methamphetamine addiction is crippling. If you are struggling with your meth use currently, you know all about the negative impact it has upon every area of your life. You know that you aren’t just risking your physical health. You are also impacting your mental wellbeing, all of your relationships, your finances, your job stability, and more. The best thing you can do is stop using meth, but addiction won’t allow you to do so easily; you need help.

A professional drug addiction rehab program can give you the assistance that you need. A trained and experienced staff can help you achieve sobriety and help you develop skills and techniques that will allow you to maintain it. If you hesitate to pursue rehab because you don’t think you can afford it, you should be aware of affordable or free methamphetamine rehab centers. These facilities provide you with the care you need at a price you can afford.

To learn more about these programs, read on. Or, you can get your questions answered immediately by calling 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) . You can speak to an expert who can give you exactly the information that you need.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient

All addiction treatment programs can be divided into two categories and you will need to choose the type of care you believe will work best for your needs. You must decide to attend either inpatient or outpatient rehab.

Inpatient facilities are also known as residential because patients are required to reside there for the entire duration of their rehab program. During this time, they are provided with meals and a place to sleep. Outpatient rehab, on the other hand, merely asks patients to enter the facility to attend scheduled treatment activities, like group therapy and individual counseling.

When you are making your decision, think about the benefits of each. Inpatient is the more intensive treatment and it provides round-the-clock care and supervision. This is ideal for people who have severe, long-term, or recently relapsed addictions. Outpatient care is wonderful for people who need the flexibility to attend rehab and continuing going to work or raising their children. These are the most obvious benefits, but there are many more. To discuss them, call 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) and speak to an addiction specialist.

Types of Free Methamphetamine Rehab

Free Methamphetamine Rehab

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Many people face tremendous difficulty financing addiction treatment, which is why free methamphetamine addiction treatment is so critically important. There isn’t simply a chain of free programs that are all managed by a central organization. There are actually a range of treatment options. Primarily, they are operated by a government agency or by a non-profit organization.

A large number of free methamphetamine rehab centers are operated by state governments, who receive funding from federal, state, and local government programs. They have been designed for patients with no insurance or no income. To be considered eligible, you are asked to provide:

  • Proof of official residence in the state
  • Proof of income and insurance (or lack of)
  • Proof of legal US residency
  • Proof of addiction and need for treatment

Individual programs may have additional requirements for entering these rehab programs. Once the state determines you meet all of their requirements, you are provided with free care.

Non-profit organizations also operate a large number of free drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. In many cases, these are faith-based groups. For members of the faith running the program, these rehabs are excellent, as they align with a patient’s values and take familiar approaches. For people who are not members, these rehabs may be alienating. Therefore, be sure you understand what happens in a free program before you commit to it.

Is Free Methamphetamine Rehab Right for Me?

Free methamphetamine addiction treatment is the correct course of action for every person who both needs rehab and lacks the ability to pay for it. Therefore, ask yourself whether or not you are in control of your meth use. Can you truly stop whenever you want to? It is most likely you cannot. Then, ask yourself whether or not you can afford to finance rehab on your own. If you cannot control it and you cannot finance it, then free methamphetamine rehab is for you.

And, if you are concerned that these programs may not offer a high enough level of care for your needs, relax. Free methamphetamine addiction treatment provides a level of service that is on par with more expensive programs.

How Long is Methamphetamine Rehab?

The amount of time that people need to stay in free methamphetamine rehab centers varies from individual to individual. The period of treatment most people are familiar with is 28-days. However, the popularity of the 28=day stay isn’t based in evidence-based research. There is no study that states it is the most effective amount of time to remain in rehab. It is, however, the amount most often covered by insurance, so it is considered then norm.

Many people need to remain in rehab for a longer period of time, like 60-, 90-, or 120-days. Some programs even last for six months or a year. The National Institute on Drug Abuse asserts better outcomes are linked to treatment that lasts for more than 90-days, when compared to treatment that lasts less than 90-days.

Where to Get Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction

You have the option or attending a local program or you can travel for treatment. There are advantages to both options.

If you are attending outpatient treatment, you are likely unable to travel because you would have to pay for the treatment and a place to stay. That’s a lot to arrange. Further, most people choose outpatient treatment because they have obligations to meet and those can’t be met when they aren’t nearby. Inpatient treatment, however, can be done close to home or quite far from it.

Staying local not only means you can take care of other responsibilities, it also means your friends and family can better support you during your time in treatment. If you choose inpatient care, they can visit regularly. If you choose outpatient, they can see you daily if you need them too. Also, in either scenario, they can easily attend family therapy sessions.

If you choose to travel, you get to leave it all behind and take a true vacation from your daily life. People who are living a troubled life appreciate having the headspace to completely focus on treatment. Further, you are less likely to run into someone you know if you aren’t in a facility close to home, so you can increase the confidentiality of your stay by getting out of town.

Call 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) to speak with someone about appropriate local treatment options and those that are a bit further away. You can learn more about possible free rehabs that will work for you. This will help you to make the best possible decision about the care you receive.

Signs Methamphetamine Rehab Is Necessary

Meth addiction treatment is necessary when you can no longer control your methamphetamine use. If you are compulsively using drugs and/or alcohol even though you are completely aware of the negative consequences of your actions, you have an addiction. At this point, you need an outside source of support and guidance to help you establish your recovery.

Signs of addiction include:

  • Wanting to quit using meth and lacking the ability to do so
  • Taking larger amounts of meth or taking it for longer periods than you planned
  • Spending a considerable amount of your time getting meth, using meth, and recovering from using methamphetamine
  • Continuing to use meth, even though it is causing interpersonal problems or making existing ones worse
  • Meth cravings
  • Repeated inability to fulfill obligations at work or in the home because of meth use
  • Cutting back or stopping important recreational, occupational, or social happenings because of meth use
  • Using meth in physically dangerous circumstances
  • Tolerance
  • Withdrawal

If these signs are familiar to you because you are experiencing them in your own life, then you definitely have some form of a meth use disorder. Methamphetamine rehab is an excellent way for you to treat your condition.

10 Reasons You Should Choose Free Rehab for Methamphetamine Addiction

Insurance & Private Pay Options

Ideally, you will not have to pay for your rehab program because it will be free. However, you may find that you have to pay some portion of the cost. Or, you may find that you are interested in a program that is not free, and prefer the treatment they provide. In these cases, you will need to use insurance and/or pay privately.

If you have insurance, you are very fortunate because it may provide coverage for addiction treatment. You need, first, to determine whether or not your policy covers treatment. Then, you need to find out how much of the cost is covered. Some policies only cover specific types of treatment, so ask about this. You will also need to discover possible copayments and co-insurance costs, as well as deductibles. All of these effect the amount you will end up covering. If you have insurance coverage for treatment, be sure the rehab that you choose accepts your insurance.

If you lack insurance or are underinsured, you will be responsible for paying for your treatment. Your assets are a good starting point. Consider your savings and retirement as possible sources of funding. You may also need to sell property, cash in stocks and bonds, or sell your possessions. Alternately, you can get a personal or bank loan. Crowdfunding is another great option. In most cases, methamphetamine addiction treatment rehabs provide financing programs. Your costs will be paid and you will be responsible for paying that amount back on a monthly basis. Look for financing that has a low interest rate, no charges for early repayment, and a deferment period to let you get back on your feet.

Help Finding a Free Methamphetamine Treatment Program

For assistance finding free methamphetamine rehab centers, you can speak to your doctor or search online. Though, these options each have limitations. Obviously, your doctor will have some level of knowledge, but it won’t be extensive. On the other hand, the internet has too much information, and it can feel impossible to sift through.

Your best option is to call 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) and speak to an expert in free rehab. Our representatives are well-versed in low-cost and free programs. In fact, they have access to insider knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.

What Happens After Rehab?

Free methamphetamine rehab doesn’t come to an end on the final day of your program. On the contrary, you have to continue managing your addiction long-term. This is why many programs offer something called aftercare. The rehab facility will help you to develop a plan for remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol and connect you with resources and services to help you continue your recovery. This may mean connecting you with a therapist and inviting you to continue attending support group meetings at the rehab facility. It will be up to you to follow through with the plan and with your treatment.

Get Help Today

Every day that you continue using methamphetamine is another day that you put yourself at risk. Further, the earlier you seek treatment the greater likelihood you have of achieving positive outcomes. So, you can’t wait. You need to get your recovery started today, and it starts with one phone call to 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) . You can have all of your questions answered, receive recommendations to free methamphetamine addiction treatment, and speak with someone who truly understand what you are dealing with. The sooner you start your recovery, the sooner you reclaim control of your life.

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