10 Reasons You Should Choose Free Rehab for Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction causes a number of serious problems for users, which is why it is important to choose a safe and effective recovery program, like free drug rehab. Call 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) now to learn more.

1. Methamphetamine Has Long-term Effects

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, meth and cocaine have a lot in common, but unfortunately, meth “remains in the brain longer, which ultimately leads to prolonged stimulant effects.” This means individuals are more likely to experience severe, long-term issues when abusing meth, which is why professional treatment is extremely necessary.

2. These Effects Can Resurface Much Later

Years down the road, even after a person has stopped abusing methamphetamine, they could potentially experience a resurgence of severe effects such as psychosis or intense cravings (NIDA). This is another reason why meth addicts need professional care in order to learn the coping mechanisms that will help them deal with these issues later on.

3. Meth Abuse Causes Money Problems

Methamphetamine Addiction

A free rehab will address the brain changes caused by meth addiction.

Those who abuse this particular drug often can think of nothing else and therefore spend all their money on it, lose their jobs, and experience other severe financial issues. Free drug rehab centers can offer patients everything they need at no or a very low cost.

4. Free Rehab Centers Offer Additional Services

Many free rehab programs offer vocational counseling, housing help, and other services that can immensely help those individuals who are struggling with meth addiction and financial problems. And even if a particular program doesn’t offer these, they will usually provide referrals to another program that does, often for free or little cost.

5. Comorbid Disorders Require Treatment

It is very common for a person with a history of substance abuse to also suffer from a comorbid mental disorder (NIDA). These disorders must be assessed and treated for a patient to truly overcome their addiction and to have a successful recovery.

6. Meth Abuse Changes the Brain

Like many other drugs, meth can change the way the brain works, but it can even damage it, destroying brain cells and leaving a person with issues similar to those caused by Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease (Center for Substance Abuse Research). However, with the proper treatment, these issues can be treated appropriately.

7. Free Programs Offer Aftercare

Aftercare is often necessary to a successful recovery, and many free rehab centers offer this option. Patients can often return for booster sessions, or a program might set them up with Crystal Meth Anonymous or another support group. Aftercare can help former addicts stay on track with their recoveries.

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8. Inpatient Care Is Often Necessary

For those who have been abusing meth, inpatient care may be necessary for a safe and effective recovery. However, this option can often be expensive, so free or partially free rehab programs can help allow patients to receive this level of help without the immense costs usually associated with inpatient care.

9. You Won’t Need to Avoid Treatment to Save Money

Some people try to stop using drugs on their own, avoiding the option to seek treatment because of the cost. Free rehab programs will remove this issue from the equation, which is much safer because attempting to quit using meth without help can be extremely dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, meth withdrawal can cause severe depression, “waves of intense craving,” exhaustion, and possibly even bring on psychosis.

10. You Can Create Real Change

Often, those who do not seek treatment for an addiction as severe as that which is caused by meth abuse fail to recover safely and effectively. Relapse can be an ever-present danger for those who do not have the skills to avoid it, but those who do can actually begin to live their lives without meth abuse. In treatment, you will also learn to cope with issues that might lead to relapse, rebuild your life and relationships, and become stronger in your recovery. In essence, you will be able to create real change in your life.

Meth abuse and addiction is extremely serious, but with safe, professional treatment that takes your needs and your budget into account, you can really begin a better, safer life of recovery. Call 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) now to speak with a treatment advisor and to begin healing today.

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