12 Hidden Secrets You’ll ONLY Find in Free Drug Rehab

Drug addiction takes a toll on addicts as well as their family and friends.  Finding free drug rehabilitation options can be a process.  However, once you find a rehab center, there are some interesting hidden secrets to keep in mind to begin this amazing recovery journey.

Secret 1:  Addiction Is No Respecter of Persons

Addiction can strike anyone at any time.  Even in drug rehab, you are likely to find people of varying backgrounds.  Images of shabby old men in long coats clinging to a drink hidden by a brown paper bag should be abandoned.  Professional people, artists and grandmothers may be found in drug rehab centers.

Secret 2:  Free Drug Rehab Centers Often Offer Better Services than Private Centers

Because free rehabilitation centers are often publicly funded, they often use more current, scientifically-based practices than private centers.  Pharmacological intervention is integrated with behavioral therapy.  An assessment determines the type of therapy prescribed for each patient.

Secret 3:  Intake Process

Free Drug Rehab

Free drug rehab helps you reestablish healthy lifestyle habits.

In a free drug rehabilitation center, the intake process is fairly simple.  While some things are standard, like filling out forms and discussing the specifics of your addiction, other things may come as a surprise.  Here are three secrets regarding the intake process:

  • Liquids are generally not allowed and will be taken upon admission (i.e.  mouthwash, shampoo, etc.)
  • Cell phones are generally prohibited
  • You will meet with an intake specialist and may consult with a doctor to determine necessary medications to help ease withdrawal

Secret 4:  Not All Rehab Workers are in Recovery

Upon entering rehab, it is important to know that everyone around you may not be seeking recovery.  Be aware that some group leaders, cafeteria workers and custodial members may have access to different substances.  There are stories of substances being offered in rehab centers.

Secret 5:  Addiction Generally Does Not Stand Alone

You, along with other people in the rehabilitation center, may be suffering from more than just addiction.  For some addicts, it can feel like a secret revealed to find out they also have bi-polar disorder, depression or other specific mental health concerns.  Being open to self-discovery is critical to the process of recovering from addiction.

Secret 6:  Qualified Psychiatrists and Psychologists are Available to Help

Addiction specialists are usually employed at free rehabilitation centers and offer newer therapies than some private centers.  Also, counselors and other group leaders are sometimes employed to manage caseloads.  In short, often a variety of personnel are available for patient care.

Secret 7:  12-Step Meetings are Often Offered in the Facility

Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step fellowships have Institutions Committees designed to work with hospitals, jails and rehabilitation centers.  Often, people from 12-step programs will visit rehabilitation centers, allowing patients to meet others in recovery prior to discharge.  Also, some rehabilitation centers take patients to 12-step meetings allowing patients to establish a free network of support before they get out.

Secret 8:  Rehab Romance Is Not Advised

Often, people arrive in rehabilitation emotionally vulnerable.  Addicts have generally obliterated personal relationships.  Rehab should be solely for focused recovery.  Becoming romantically involved with other patients can impede recovery for both parties.

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Secret 9:  Surviving Group without Killing Anyone

Group therapy is an important component in both inpatient and outpatient rehab.  People can be opinionated.  Also, dealing with emotions that have been suppressed in active addiction can be difficult.  Making certain to focus on recovery will help navigate the personalities of a group.

Secret 10:  Resetting Habits Begins in Rehab

In rehabilitation, it is important to reestablish good habits.  Healthy diet, exercise and meditation practices are generally set in rehab.  Healthy lifestyle habits are a secret to lasting recovery.

Secret 11:  Family Support Is Available in Free Rehab Centers

Lasting recovery requires the support of family and friends.  Family support meetings usually begin during rehab.  Finding ways to rebuild family relationships and learn strategies to avoid enabling addictive behaviors.

Secret 12:  Relapse Does Not Mean Treatment Is Not Successful

The National Institute on Drug Abuse characterizes addiction much like other illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and hypertension.  Each of these illnesses require patients to change behaviors and adhere to prescribed treatment programs.  Just because success is not achieved when treatment is first sought, does not mean the treatment was a failure.  It simply means the treatment plan needs to be modified to suit the individual patient. For help finding a free rehab near you, call 800-934-7205 (Who Answers?) .


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